Submission Calls

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1st-8th MARCH 2023

An anthology of co-authored, dark fantasy.

We're excited to announce this collaborative creative writing opportunity!

This call is a chance for you to reach out to a friend, a sibling, your offspring, a parent, a colleague, that cute boy you always bump into in the horror section of your local book store (too creepy? LOL) for this co-authored anthology writing call. Writing should be fun and it doesn't need to be a solitary pursuit (unless you wish it to be, which is totally cool too!)


We're after co-authored, original, unpublished dark fantasy short stories (4-6k words). No theme, but your submission piece must sit in the fantasy genre and contain dark elements - we aren't after happy endings.


Author pairs may send in one story only - send us your best work. (Your pair might want to pair up with another pair and swap stories for feedback prior to submitting? LET'S SNOWBALL THIS COMMUNITY WRITING PROJECT!)

No poetry please, although we do like lyrical prose.

See our submission guidelines for how to submit. It doesn't matter which one of you submits the story, but please make sure your submission email contains contact details for both of you (email address, social media contact details are fine - we don't need your physical addresses or phone numbers).

If you're keen to join in but have no writing partner, put a request out on our Twitter page (@BagBonesPress), maybe list some authors/books/films/artists you're keen on and we'll try and help you find a suitable match.

Please remember, be mindful of what personal information you share with your co-author, especially if you choose to work with someone you do not know - your safety is paramount!

Payment: 1 US cent per word and an e-book (mobi/epub/pdf format) for each author. (e.g. A 5000 word story will earn you US$50 split between the pair of you and you'll each receive your own e-book.)

We will not be providing paperback copies of the book to featured authors. Payment will need to be shared between the two authors.

Submission window: 1st-8th March 2023

Editor: SJ Townend

Twitter: @SJTownend