206 Word Story WINNERS

Thank you to everyone who subbed something for this call. Every single piece was a joy to read and we were overwhelmed with 206 word stories. Our inbox flooded as a biblical plague of 'orrible flash fiction descended upon us, and as a result, we had to close the call early (we promise we won't do that again). With all the exceptional writing we received, it was a true struggle to choose only three to award prizes to. So we upped the number of prizes to six.

All six of these winning stories and 200 more (206 stories altogether - see what we did there?) feature in our print and e-book publication. '206 Word Stories' is available now to purchase across the world via Amazon. If it isn't supplied to where you live, get in touch via email or Twitter (@BagBonesPress) and we'll endeavour to sort something out.

If you enjoyed writing something for this call, please do send something in for one of our other current calls.

Arguments ensued, rooms were stormed out of, objects (soft ones) were thrown, swords were drawn (disclaimer: no-one was actually hurt in the production of this book).

We could not decide.

They were all so dang good!

Anyway, we whittled it down eventually, and our favourite six are shown below (in no particular order). You can read them on our blog if you click on the title/image/author's name.